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Welcome to my home page. If you're really sure you want to hear the story of my life, then here goes ...


My wife Alison

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland away back in 1942. At the time of writing, this makes me 72 years of age, though as my wife, Alison, says, going on 22. We both have the same stupid sense of humour, and have great times together - I love her to bits! This picture of her was taken during our Caribbean cruise in December 2008.

My education was at The High School of Glasgow, which is eight hundred years old and one of Glasgow's most famous schools. It has numerous well-known former pupils, including two U.K. prime ministers - Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman and Andrew Bonar Law - as well as General Sir John Moore of Corunna fame. Although when I attended it was exclusively a school for boys, it is now co-educational.

I had more or less always wanted to be a doctor like my dad, and in 1960 I enrolled as a medical student at Glasgow University. I spent the following six years having a ball, which most medical students seem to find comes second nature. It's at this stage in your life that many of your most important and closest friendships are made, and I still have contact with many of my former fellow students. Until recently I worked as a general practitioner in a practice on the south side of Glasgow, but retired at the end of September 2002. I still do quite a bit of medical work on a consultancy basis most mornings per week (and often weekends too), but since retiring Alison and I have more time to spend together, going holidays and just generally having a good time.

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